Badminton, Tennis & Volleyball Net

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Product description:     

  • Badminton Training Net badminton net, long and durable enough to tight and keep balance with net post.
  • Rope net is Suitable for training and professional matches.
  • Portable badminton net Easily tied-on for simple installation.
  • Beach badminton net Can be widely applied in stadium, community, family, and professional events.
  • Portable badminton net Training Standard Rope  Badminton Net.
  • Badminton net is portable, foldable and light. The package size is about 60cm, and the kit is only about 700g. Development size: 300cm x 150cm. You can take the fun anywhere. (network only)
  • Lightweight and durable: This foldable badminton net set is made of carbon fiber, polyester fiber, PU and stainless steel, ensuring that the durable net is made of strong metal hooks.
  • Easy to use: Play badminton, volleyball and tennis on the beach, driveway, backyard or any flat place! The portable badminton net suit is perfect for parties, camping and family holidays
  • Assemble anytime, anywhere.
  • Suitable for family sports, gymnasium, PE class, camping, indoor or outdoor use.
  • The base is completely independent, so there are no piles on the ground or set for a long time. In addition, there is no need to cut around the badminton net. Move easily from one place to another without any trouble.
  • With this portable network, you don't need to spend time and money to find a special place to play badminton or tennis, just set up and start the game at any time.


  1. Open the net pocket.
  2. Two rods pass through the base.
  3. Place the control lever in the center of the base
  4. Connecting rod.
  5. Use the hook on the wire to connect the holes on the pole.
  6. Set it up and place it. It can be installed at any time.

Product parameters: 

  • Dimensions: 3 x 1.5m/ 118 x 59inch
  • Material: Carbon, polyester, PU and stainless steel
  • Color: As show
  • Weight: 700g

Package Included: 

  • 1x Badminton net
  • 1x buckle
  • 1x net frame
  • 1x base
  • 1x instruction
  • 1x Ball bag