Portable Travel Backpack Carrier Bag

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Product Description:

  • Prevent Litter Scattering Around:

Say goodbye to scattered litter with our innovative double-layer honeycomb design. This mat effectively traps cat litter on the upper layer and allows it to fall through the holes to the bottom layer. It works perfectly with various litter boxes, including covered, metal, large, and sifting litter boxes. Our cat litter mat is your ultimate solution for keeping your space clean and tidy.

  • Urine Proof Mat:

The bottom layer of our mat is not only waterproof but also slip-resistant, preventing any liquid from seeping through. It is easy to move around and simple to clean. If your cat accidentally vomits on the mat, simply hose it off, and it will be as good as new. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from unpleasant urine stains, and keep your cat's urine contained.

  • Easy To Clean:

Cleaning has never been easier. Just rinse the mat with water or use a vacuum to remove any trapped litter. The mat is quick to dry, saving you time and effort. It is compatible with all types of litter boxes, making it a versatile choice. Measure your litter box to ensure a perfect fit. This mat is suitable for litter mats, cat litter mats, litter box mats, cat little box mats, and cat mats for litter boxes.

  • Soft On Paw:

We prioritize the comfort of your furry friend. Unlike other mats that may cause discomfort, our premium cat litter mat is made of soft EVA material, ensuring a gentle experience for sensitive cat paws. Cats even enjoy taking a nap on it! Rest assured, our mat has been independently laboratory tested and is non-toxic, providing a safe environment for your kitty and your family.

  • Durable Scratch-Resistant:

Considering cats' natural tendency to scratch, we have designed our mat using hard and durable materials. It is incredibly strong and can withstand scratching, ensuring a long-lasting product. We take pride in offering you a tough and resilient cat litter mat.

  • Best Mat for Easy Cleaning and Recycling:

Our mat features a smart design with deep grooves and honeycomb-shaped holes. It effectively traps litter scatter, preventing it from spreading across your floor and keeping your home mess-free. Cleaning up has never been easier, and the mat allows for convenient recycling of the trapped litter.

  • Zero Odor:

Made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, our cat litter mat ensures a safe and odor-free environment for your furry friend.

  • Durable:

The mat is thick enough to withstand your kitty's paws and the rigors of vacuuming, ensuring its longevity.

  • Supreme Waterproof:

Crafted from washable and waterproof EVA material, our mat repels urine and prevents odors, providing optimal hygiene.

  • Keep Your Kitty's Paws Clean:

No more finding litter on your carpet, clothing, furniture, or even your bed. Our cat litter mat ensures that your kitty's paws get cleaned the moment they step on it. Additionally, the litter that falls on or gets trapped in the mat can be easily recycled.

Product Size:

  • 650 x 420 x 20 mm