Bamboo Back Scraper

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About this product:

Classic Style: The scratching head is not sharp, cut into a mature bamboo tree, easy to plant and harvest, the bamboo back scratch board is beautiful and sturdy.
Compact - Easy to Carry: Adjustable from 6.9 - 20 inches, long enough to reach the entire back, effectively relieve itching
Exquisite Craftsmanship: This back scraper is suitable for both women and men and will not scratch the skin. The elderly and children can also use it. Teeth just happen to be free of cheap metal irritation.
Multipurpose Massager: The end of the bamboo back scratch board can be used for face, neck, arm or foot massage. Relieve Headaches With Deep Tissue Massage
Value for money: The retractable back scraper is definitely a must-have for every family, and it is also an ideal choice for gifting to friends and relatives. You will have a pleasant experience with this amazing scratch-resistant device.